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Pubblicato il 23 ottobre 2014

Designed to address complex and challenging electronics equipment applications, the Chomerics Europe division of Parker Hannifin will use the forthcoming electronica 2014 (Hall B1, Stand 370) to demonstrate what are considered to be the industry’s most advanced shielding, thermal management and optical window technologies.

Although Chomerics can provide solutions to all segments of the electronics industry, the principal areas focused on at this year’s electronica are transportation safety within the automotive and aerospace industries.

Within the automotive industry the quantity and value of electronics content in vehicles continues to increase. Parker Chomerics’ shielding and thermal management materials are providing innovative solutions for modules that support safety, convenience and infotainment electronics functionality. Vehicle electronics systems must deliver long-term reliability in harsh electrical and physical environments. Chomerics’ materials enable these challenges to be addressed successfully.

It’s also important to note that as aircraft adopt lightweight metal-laminated composite material designs, Parker Chomerics’ conductive materials are playing a crucial role in providing electrical continuity ensuring safety and reliability. Whilst composite materials give weight savings leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact, they make the management of electromagnetic interference, grounding and lightning strike protection more challenging. Chomerics’ materials enable these challenges to be addressed successfully.

Along with the requirement for thermal interface and shielding materials, markets such as aerospace are increasing their demand for shielded optical windows. Produced using ground breaking specialist processes, optical windows from Chomerics provide a solution for ensuring shielding integrity while simultaneously permitting displays to be viewed clearly at all times, regardless of the operating environment.


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