CmDongle with flash memory in practice

Pubblicato il 16 ottobre 2015

Wibu-Systems produces software and dongles to protect all types of OEM software. Wibu-Systems’ products guarantee the integrity of data, applications, and communication. With versatile, fine-grained licensing methods, new business models become possible for OEMs, and existing business models are protected for the future.

Wibu-Systems’ technology prevents product piracy and secures the products of software developers, mechanical and plant engineers, and the makers of controllers and other devices from counterfeiting and tampering.

CmDongle with integrated flash memory is the strongest integrated protection product. It comes with dedicated data partitions that are ideal for mobile software operators, service technicians, or intelligent device manufacturers. This whitepaper reviews the areas of use and applications that benefit from the new capabilities of the flash-equipped CmDongles.

Oliver Winzenried, Ceo Wibu-Systems

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