Yokogawa Test & Measurement releases new OSA

Posted 25 August 2022

Yokogawa Test & Measurement announces that it has developed the AQ6375E and AQ6376E optical spectrum analyzers (OSA). These devices offer high-precision measurement of the optical spectrum in the near and mid-infrared bands, as well as greatly improved user-friendliness.

The design of the AQ6375E is optimized for measurements in the near-infrared range of 1.0-2.5µm (micrometers), while the design of the AQ6376E is optimized for measurements in the mid-infrared range of 1.5-3.4 µm. They can be used to resolve the wavelength components of optical devices such as semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers in order to assess their properties.

These devices can be used to develop and enhance near-infrared and mid-infrared optical devices such as those used in environmental measurement, where the measurement of carbon dioxide and methane concentrations is required, and in the health care and medical treatment fields, where blood glucose and blood cholesterol concentrations must be measured to calculate blood sugar levels.