Telit Cinterion and Rutronik expand their partnership

Posted 6 December 2023

Telit Cinterion, a global enabler of the intelligent edge, and Rutronik have seamlessly collaborated since 2007, providing a comprehensive portfolio of IoT products and services. That partnership is now reaching new heights as Rutronik introduces Cinterion’s complete product range to its offerings in the EMEA region. The strategic move enhances Rutronik’s capability to deliver a diverse selection of cutting-edge components, including mobile communication, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GNSS positioning modules, SIM solutions, and various cloud services, to meet individual customer requirements more effectively.

“Rutronik’s dedication to maintaining substantial stock levels not only solidifies their position as a dependable distribution partner but also underlines their reliability in meeting the diverse and dynamic demands of the market,” said Rene Heckeler, Sales Director of Global Distribution, Telit Cinterion. “Together, we are poised to continue our joint journey, pushing the boundaries of IoT technology and further enriching the constantly evolving landscape of IoT solutions within the region.”

“Together, Rutronik and Telit Cinterion have committed to pooling their expertise at both the technology- and employee-level to transform the wireless IoT market in EMEA,” said Jens Rook, Senior Sales Director, Telit Cinterion. “Through continuous investment in training and skill development, we ensure that our teams offer the latest technological innovations and provide the highest level of service and support to our valued customers across the region.”

Daniel Barth, Senior Manager Product Marketing Wireless at Rutronik, adds: “Our aim is always to act in the interests of our customers and to offer the best solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs. With the combination of highly innovative components from Telit Cinterion, our expertise, and our services, we achieve exactly that. We are convinced that by expanding our product portfolio, we will continue to write our success story by offering our customers a comprehensive range of first-class wireless hardware, mobile contracts, and cloud services.”

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