Qt Group releases Axivion Suite 7.7

Posted 20 December 2023
Qt Group

Qt Group introduces the latest release 7.7 of Axivion Suite with key features for increased safety and security, enhanced user-friendliness, and extended compatibility. With this latest update, the static code analysis and architecture verification tools within Axivion Suite cover 100% of all automatically testable MISRA C rules and for the majority of the new MISRA C++ standard. Furthermore, the tool suite extends its support for CLion, integrates the latest EDG C/C++ parser frontend and incorporates more proven Qt-specific security rules for enhanced security.

Axivion Suite from Qt Group comprises static code analysis and architecture verification tools, empowering embedded software developers to ensure the long-term quality of their code. One of the most significant features of the tool suite is its consistent alignment with the most important safety standards, such as MISRA. The MISRA checker in Axivion Suite 7.7 covers 100% of all automatically testable MISRA C:2012 and MISRA C:2023 rules, enabling developers to actively prevent software-related failures that can lead to accidents or malfunctions. The tool suite also continues expand its support for the new MISRA C++:2023 standard to achieve complete coverage of all automatically testable rules.

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