New Digital Signage Solution by Ynvisible

Posted 15 November 2022

Ynvisible announced its new Digital Signage solution. This new product encompasses a simple large format e-paper display with digital and alphanumeric capabilities, that has been designed for ultra-low power applications. It enables, for example, retail outlets customized for both indoor and outdoor use, a development that is set to revolutionize on-shelf and on-pack messaging that electronic OEMs will be eager to capitalize upon.

“It’s no longer a matter of whether dynamic information is better than static information, but rather how dynamic information must be delivered,” says Keith Morton, VP of Sales and Marketing at Ynvisible. “Real-time displays enable retailers to show customers the information they require with maximum personalization, but until now, the availability of digital signage in-store has been cost prohibitive. In many cases the market has been mesmerized by the sophistication of state-of-the-art technology, which has proved inaccessible due to a high unit cost. Ynvisible is up to five times cheaper than the competition and we believe that dynamic information must be delivered in the most sustainable way possible, increasing positive customer opinions and saving stores money in electricity and resources,” he concludes.

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