ICP: Dual CAN bus expansion module for embedded systems

Posted 20 October 2023
ICP Germany

ICP Germany offers with the MEC-CAN-2802i add-on card a simple way to extend PC systems with CAN bus interfaces. The MEC-CAN-2802i card with standardized form factor can be installed in all embedded systems that have an M.2 2280 slot. The DB9 interfaces can be routed inside the housing via the 30 cm long cable, which simplifies implementation.

With the MEC-CAN-2802i systems can be extended by two DB9 interfaces. The card has F81601 CAN controllers and supports the CAN bus 2.0B EFF protocol. Downward compatible up to 2.0A SFF. Baud rates from 10 to 1000K are possible.

The card comes with numerous other functions. The expansion card supports CAN Message Acceptance Filter, a CAN frequency up to 24MHz, a terminating resistor of 120 Ohm and offers an ESD shielding of 12 kV on board and a galvanic isolation up to 2,5kV.

The terminating resistor can be divided. This function is activated and deactivated by a switch. Also a fixed card ID can be assigned to the card by a switch. This allows several MEC-CAN-2802i to be used in a system and addressed specifically. For monitoring or diagnostic purposes, the add-on card can also be operated in silent mode. The MEC-CAN-2802i has a power consumption of only 400 mA at 3.3 volts. The module’s industrial suitability is underlined by its wide operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C and by its compliance with the CE/FCC Class B standard.

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