VIAVI releases ALT-9000 radio altimeter test solution

Posted 2 May 2022

VIAVI Solutions announced the launch of the ALT-9000 universal radio altimeter (RADALT) flight line test set. As manufacturers release RADALTs with more sophisticated waveforms to address safety and security issues in the aviation industry, the ALT-9000 adds fiber optic delay to traditional radio frequency (RF) testing, enabling it to test all types of RADALTS on the market today.

The RADALT measures an aircraft’s altitude above the terrain, by transmitting a radio frequency (RF) signal down to the ground and receiving a reflection. To prevent potential spoofing or jamming of the return signal, modern RADALTs use more complex waveforms, and the U.S. military has transitioned a majority of its aircraft to these models. Also, as 5G networks begin to use C-band frequencies, older RADALTs may lack the required interference protection. These trends call for updated testing technology and procedures to address legacy and new RADALT types, and to enable rapid retesting to identify issues that can disrupt flight operations.

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