Toshiba Introduces 40V N-channel Power MOSFET for Automotive

Posted 30 March 2016

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its line-up of automotive power MOSFETs with a new 40V N-ch housed TO-220SM(W) package. The TKR74F04PB is ideal for a variety of high power automotive applications, including DC-DC converters, EPS (Electric Power Steering) and load switches. TKR74F04PB achieves an industry-leading[1] low RDS(on) in the automotive 3-pin SMD package market. Its low RDS(on) of typ0.6 / max0.74 mohm was realised by combining Toshiba’s latest 9th generation trench MOS ‘U-MOS IX’ process with Toshiba’s unique TO-220SM(W) package, which has a wider and shorter source pin than conventional D2PAK (TO-263) packages and contributes to the PCB size reduction with a smaller foot print. TKR74F04PB will conform to AEC-Q101 automotive level qualification requirements.


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