TDK-Lambda power supplies with very fast output dynamics for automotive test

Posted 23 February 2022

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of a “Fast-Speed” option to the TDK-Lambda GENESYS+ series of programmable DC power supplies. Designed specifically for automotive test simulation, the –F suffix models provide very fast transient responses up to 35 times faster than the standard models. Rise and fall times of less than 1ms and 2ms respectively can now be achieved, providing reduced test times for an increased manufacturing test capacity.

Automotive applications that would benefit from using the Fast-Speed option models include Hardware in the Loop (HIL), engine and powertrain control, Body Control Modules (BCM), interior electronics and diagnostic testing.

The option is currently available on the 1U high, 19” rack mount 1.7kW, 3.4kW and 5kW models with outputs of 20, 30 or 40V. Input voltages range from 85 to 265Vac single phase on the 1.7kW rated units, 170 to 265Vac single phase, 170 to 265Vac or 342 to 528Vac three phase on the 3.4kW units and 170 to 265Vac or 342 to 528Vac three phase on the 5kW units.

All GENESYS+ models can transition seamlessly between constant voltage and constant current modes or operate in constant power mode. Higher power systems can be created using multiple power supplies connected in parallel. TDK-Lambda’s patented advanced parallel system provides dynamic load response and ripple and noise characteristics comparable with that of a single power supply.

Programming is standardised across the entire GENESYS+ series using front panel controls, remotely via LAN (LXI 1.5), USB 2.0 and RS232/485 communications or the isolated analogue control and monitoring interface (0-5V, 0-10V) which are provided as standard. Optional interfaces include a choice of GPIB (IEEE488.2), EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP and IS420 (4 to 20mA isolated current programming loop).

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