TDK-Lambda: compact 120W and 240W three-phase input DIN rail power supplies

Posted 8 October 2021

TDK Corporation announces the addition of three-phase AC input models to the TDK-Lambda DRB series of economically priced DIN rail mount power supplies. Rated for continuous operation at 120W and 240W with 12V, 24V and 48V outputs, the units can deliver a peak of 144W and 288W for two seconds. This, and a constant current overload characteristic, enables operation with capacitive and inductive loads. These power supplies also feature a very low energy inrush current upon initial start-up, reducing nuisance tripping of input circuit breakers.

The DRB three-phase series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including conventional switch cabinets, decentralised machinery and industrial systems, through to information and communications technology.

The high operating efficiency of up to 94% and low off-load power consumption, which can be reduced to <2.3W when in standby mode using the remote on-off, reduces energy consumption. Lower power losses reduce internal heating and increase electrolytic capacitor lifetime.

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