Rutronik offers Lumberg high-current contact elements

Posted 15 March 2021

Rutronik  offers Lumberg high-current contact elements for price-sensitive applications.

Thanks to the contact surfaces (footprint 14×10,2mm) that are open on both sides, the phase contact from Lumberg offers various mating options: from above, through the PCB or from below (tab 0,8/1,0mm).

The contact elements are particularly essential for numerous applications in the automotive sector, such as frequency converters of industrial electric motors, control units in electric vehicles, battery storage units or onboard charging modules.

The high-current contact element is suitable for both reflow soldering on the PCB and laser-welded placement on a connection frame. It provides a vertical connection with a blade contact on a second PCB or busbar. This means that even in tight installation spaces, PCBs lying on top of each other can be connected with a precise fit and rated currents of up to 80A per contact can be transmitted. The contact comes with a CuNiSi alloy and is suitable for use at an operating temperature of -40°C to +120°C.

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