Pre-Switch adds remote update and analysis features in Pre-Flex AI soft-switching SoC

Posted 9 May 2023

Pre-Switch has added the ability to reprogram its Pre-Flex soft-switching motor/inverter SoC, enabling products in development or in the field to be updated to give even higher performance. At the same time, the company has announced that the Pre-Flex ICs also now include an embedded digital oscilloscope, enabling designers to diagnose exactly what is occurring remotely, and then make adjustments in-situ. The Pre-Flex ICs contain all the AI algorithms necessary for soft switching across all operating voltages, load conditions and temperatures. Adaptations are made on a cycle-by-cycle basis to minimize losses and maximize efficiency.

Pre-Switch is targeting EVs and other e-mobility applications needing very high inverter efficiency levels delivered across a wide load range by the Pre-Switch technology – 99.57% (peak); 98.5% (5% load) – both measured at 100kHz switching frequency. The result is an increased EV range of 5-12%.

The Pre-Switch Pre-Flex IC’s embedded digital oscilloscope, Deep View gives users 12 channels and 160 MSPS the ability to analyze the timings of the switching. Traces can be recorded and exported out to see how the system is performing. If there are any issues, Deep View enables developers and even remote program managers at Pre-Switch to understand why, so that actions can be taken. In the future, preventative maintenance programs may be able to be implemented, using the feedback from Deep View.

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