Powerbox: new power supplies ready to Industry 4.0

Posted 7 October 2016

Powerbox introduces four new series of power supplies designed for the power Industry 4.0 applications. The new power supplies implements the latest power switching technologies: LLC, synchronous rectification, active PFC, low leakage current and energy optimization.
The OBM33, OBM35, OBP37 and OBP38 power supplies are designed and optimized for high performance in industrial applications and deliver single output voltages from 12V to 48V and from 80W up to 400W.
The new power supplies utilise an LLC half bridge topology , complemented by synchronous rectification and low standby power consumption. These technologies contribute to characteristics such as high efficiency (up to 93%) high energy density, high peak output current but also very low power consumption at no load, below 0.5W and below 1W when using the Power Fail Detect signal.
Considering Safety, the range of applications deployed in the Industry 4.0 require power supplies to meet high isolation voltages. The new series can withstand 3000 VAC (4000 VAC for the OBM33) input to output , 1500 VAC input to ground and 500 VAC output to ground and include short circuit protection, over-voltage and over-temperature protection. At full load and 25°C ambient, based on the calculation method MIL-HDBK-217F, the OBM33, OBM35, OBP37 and OBP38 MTBF reach up to 300,000 hours.
Accommodating system integration requirements, the new series include different mechanical options, open frame, L and U bracket & fully enclosed with fan.


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