Power Integrations: power factor correction Ics for design up to 550W

Posted 3 April 2017

Power Integrations announced its HiperPFSTM-4 family of power factor correction (PFC) Ics.

New PFC IC features high PF at light load, low standby power consumption and supports 305 VAC input.

HiperPFS-4 devices incorporate a 600 V MOSFET suitable for 305 VAC input and a high efficiency, variable frequency, CCM PFC controller in a single, compact, electrically isolated, heatsinkable package. The new ICs suit enclosed designs up to 300 W, open frame power supplies of up to 400 W and highline applications up to 550 W. Protection features include UVLO, UV, OV, OTP, brown-in/out, cycle-by-cycle current limit and power limit. HiperPFS-4 ICs consume less than 60 mW at 230 VAC while regulating output at no-load and less than 20 mW in sleep mode.

HiperPFS-4 ICs achieve a high power factor of above 0.95 and low THD even at 20% of rated load.

HiperPFS-4 devices provide safe PFC operation with a good margin at 305 VAC input for data centers and commercial LED lighting. Other applications include refrigerators (which increasingly contain high PFC specification requirements), cordless tool chargers and eBike battery chargers.

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