POLYN Technology and Fraunhofer Mikroelektronik join forces for technological optimization

Posted 4 May 2022

POLYN Technology and Fraunhofer Mikroelektronik will develop a special process optimization as a part of POLYN’s next-generation Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processor (NASP) roadmap. The two companies’ project, accepted by the EU-funded ASCENT+ Consortium, enables access to key European infrastructures and helps academic and industry researchers address emerging challenges in nanoelectronics to accelerate innovation.

The project’s aim is to refine development of the analog design of ultra-low-power Tiny AI NASP chips, enabling a wide variety of affordable on-sensor Edge AI solutions.

The NASP chip is a technology breakthrough aiming to add intelligence to various sensors used in wearables, predictive maintenance, and other IoT applications. It contains artificial neurons (nodes performing computations) and axons (connections with weights between the nodes) implemented using circuitry elements; neurons are implemented using operational amplifiers and axons by using thin-film resistors.

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