Nexperia widens its offering of discrete components in DFN packaging with side-wettable flanks

Posted 9 May 2022

Nexperia announced its latest product additions to a growing range of discrete devices which it provides in leadless DFN packages with side-wettable flanks (SWF). These space-saving and rugged components help satisfy the needs of next generation applications in smart and electric vehicles. The AEC-Q101 range of devices available cuts across all Nexperia’s product groups and includes:

-BC817QBH-Q and BC807QBH-Q series 45 V, 500 mA NPN/PNP general-purpose transistors in DFN1110D-3.

-BAT32LS-Q and BAT42LS-Q general-purpose Schottky diode in DFN1006BD-2

-BAS21LS-Q high-speed switching diode in DFN1006BD-2 package.

-PDTA143/114/124/144EQB-Q series 50 V 100 mA PNP Resistor-Equipped Transistor (RET) family in DFN1110D-3 package.

-2N7002KQB – 60 V N-channel Trench MOSFET and BSS84AKQB – 50 V, P-channel Trench MOSFET in DFN1110D-3 package.

Leadless DFN packages are up to 90% smaller than SOT23 packages and this helps to reduce the amount of board space required for the rapidly increasing number of electronic components being used in the latest vehicles. The side-wettable flank feature offers very reliable automated optical inspection (AOI) of solder joint quality.

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