New R&S RTO6 oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz

Posted 1 July 2021

Rohde & Schwarz introduced the next generation of its R&SRTO 6GHz class oscilloscope. The new R&SRTO6 digital oscilloscope offers six different bandwidth models and a sample rate of up to 20Gsample/s.

The fully integrated test solution for the time and frequency domain, as well as protocol and logic analysis, supports design engineers from all industries.

The developers of the new R&SRTO6 have implemented an architecture with a dedicated ASIC for optimized signal processing that delivers an exceptional acquisition rate of up to one million waveforms per second. A low-noise frontend and single-core A/D converters with extremely small linearity errors achieve excellent signal integrity with a spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of 65dBc and an outstanding 9.4ENOB.

With a standard acquisition memory of 200 Mpts and an optional 2 Gpts per channel, the R&SRTO6 can analyze long pulse and protocol sequences without difficulties.

More than 90 measurement functions are included in the R&SRTO6 series, organized into amplitude and time measurements, jitter, eye, histogram and spectral measurements. In addition, multiple application-specific software options for complex measurements are available, and users can easily unlock them with a keycode as their testing requirements evolve, even after purchasing the instrument.

The new R&SRTO6 is now available from Rohde & Schwarz as a four-channel base instrument with bandwidth options of 600MHz, 1GHz, 2GHz, 3GHz, 4GHz and 6GHz.

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