New Bel Power converter for eMobility needs

Posted 16 February 2023
bel fuse

Bel Fuse announced a new addition to their eMobility line, the BCV200-700-8 power conversion unit. The BCV200-700-8 Combo Unit System combines a 15 kW bidirectional inverter-charger, a 4 kW 12 V down converter, and a 1 kW 24 V down converter, creating a reliable and compact all-in-one solution capable of meeting the higher-voltage needs of the e-mobility industry.

This liquid-cooled power conversion system supports battery packs between 450 VDC and 850 VDC. The BCV200-700-8 is IP67 and IP6K9K compliant, has an SAE J1939 serial CAN bus interface, and meets SAE J1455 environmental standards.

The BCV200-700-8 expands possibilities for eMobility with high dynamic response to load/input changes, low total harmonic distortion (AC) and low output voltage noise (DC) increases, making this all-in-one power converter ideal for deployment in rugged EVs.

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