Infineon’s single-chip solution for NFC lock applications

Posted 26 September 2023
infineon technologies

Keep It Simple Storage (KISS), a US-based provider of solutions designed to make running self-storage facilities simple, has transitioned from manual locks to fully automated and remote-controlled systems for secure locking. With the NFC-powered, battery-free smart lock solution from Infineon Technologies, the rental storage provider is enabling secure locking for storage locations with a smart lock.

The KISS smart lock system also eliminates the need for operators to provide 24/7 maintenance teams for individual lock incidents. The smart lock is based on Infineon’s NAC1080 microcontroller, a single-chip solution with integrated H-Bridge for passive NFC lock applications.

The NAC1080 also features an integrated AES128 accelerator and true random number generator, enabling data encryption and decryption in an ultra-low power environment. In addition to passive NFC lock applications, the NAC1080 can also be used in applications such as back-up power for active lock systems and NFC interface ICs for electronic devices

“We are thrilled to introduce our new smart lock products to the world, a perfect blend of cutting-edge NFC technology and energy harvesting mechanisms. These lock products not only ensure unparalleled security but also reflect our commitment to sustainability. It’s not just about unlocking doors; it’s about unlocking a future where technology eliminates inefficiencies while creating eco-friendly living environments,” said Robert Kapp, Founder of KISS. “We are pleased to see that our innovative technology can help customers develop disruptive solution, thereby reducing e-waste and lowering overall carbon footprints” said Doris Keitel-Schulz, Vice President Contactless Power and Sensing at Infineon’s Power & Sensor Systems Division.

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