Infineon extends CoolSiC M1H technology portfolio

Posted 14 April 2022

Infineon Technologies introduces a new CoolSiC technology: the CoolSiC MOSFET 1200 V M1H. The advanced silicon carbide (SiC) chip will be implemented in a widely extended portfolio using the popular Easy module family, along with discrete packages using .XT interconnect technology.

The M1H chip offers high flexibility and is suitable for solar energy systems, such as inverters, that have to meet peak demand. The chip is also ideal for applications such as fast EV charging, energy storage systems and other industrial applications.

The latest advancements of the CoolSiC base technology enable a significantly larger gate operation window that improves the on-resistance for a given die size. Simultaneously, the larger gate operation window provides a high robustness against driver- and layout-related voltage peaks at the gate, without any restrictions even at higher switching frequencies.

Along with the M1H chip technology also the related housings have been adopted in technology and package variants to enable higher power densities and more options for design engineers to improve on application performance.

In addition to the Easy module family, the CoolSiC MOSFET 1200 V M1H portfolio includes new ultra-low on-resistances 7 mΩ, 14 mΩ and 20 mΩ in the TO247-3 and TO247-4 discrete packages.