Infineon cooperate with Fingerprints Cards for biometric payment cards

Posted 28 November 2022

Infineon Technologies and Fingerprint Cards announced the signing of a joint development and commercialization agreement of a plug-and-play turnkey solution for biometric payment smart cards. The goal of the cooperation is to make biometric smart card production as simple and easy as producing a standard dual interface payment card.

This comprehensive SECORA Pay Bio turnkey solution will include both Fingerprints’ FPC1323 sensor with its biometric software algorithm and Infineon’s upcoming SLC39B Secure Element. This off-the-shelf solution will come with a pre-certified Java Card operating system including Mastercard and Visa bio-applets.

With the development of the innovative Infineon Biometric Coil on Module (BCoM) package based on inductive coupling technology, the overall biometric smart card manufacturing process will be significantly simplified and the bill of material considerably reduced. This will allow card manufacturers to use already existing card manufacturing equipment for the production of biometric payment cards and enable scalable and efficient volume production.

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