Hirose Electric adds a new in-line jack variation to the IEC standard compliant

Posted 9 September 2022

Hirose Electric announced that a new in-line jack variation has been added to the ix Industrial Series, the IEC 61076-3-124 standard compliant, next-generation industrial equipment network connector lineup.

Hirose released the new in-line jack in response to market needs for space-saving wiring when there is distance between equipment. Cables can be connected when used in combination with the ix Industrial plug for simpler, space-reducing wiring. In addition to in-line connection, the ix Industrial in-line jack supports panel mounting for use as an interface.

The cover case accommodates two panel thicknesses of 1.5mm and 2.0mm for flexibility in equipment design. This new addition to the ix Industrial product lineup makes highly flexible wiring possible.

In order to meet the interconnectivity requirements of the various operating environments in which industrial equipment is used, Hirose is currently considering development of new variations to the ix Industrial lineup, including a splash-proof type and a screw lock type

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