FBDi association: strong second quarter for the German components distribution

Posted 31 August 2022

A brilliant second quarter of 2022 continues to let the German component distribution dream of a “record” year. The turnover of the distributors reporting in the FBDi grew by 43% to 1.12 billion Euros, incoming orders increased at least by 21% to 1.71 billion Euros, almost as high as in Q1. Although the book-to-bill rate could not reach the absolute record level of last year, it still remains above “normal” at 1.52. The first half of the year thus ended with a turnover of just under 2.3 billion Euros and new orders of almost 3.5 billion Euros.

The development in the product segments was much more diverse. While Semiconductors grew by 47% to 756 million Euros, Passives lagged behind somewhat with a 34.7% plus to 135 million Euros. Electromechanics “normalised” to +28.4% and 139 million Euros turnover.

Other products such as Power Supplies, Sensors, Displays and Assemblies & Systems ranged between +31% (Assemblies) and +75% (Sensors). The differences in incoming orders were more significant than in sales: Semiconductors +26%, Passives -2.3% and Electromechanics +10.4%. However, the basis of comparison for 2021 was much higher than for turnover. Q2 revenue distribution by product area differed slightly from Q1: Semiconductors 68%, Passives and Electromechanics 12% each, Power Supplies just under 4% and 4% for the remaining products (Power Supplies, Sensors, Displays and Assemblies & Systems).