EA Elektro-Automatik introduces enhanced and expanded 10000 series

Posted 24 March 2022

EA Elektro-Automatik introduces its 10000 series enhanced and expanded line of EA-PS and EA-PSI programmable DC power supplies, EA-PSB bidirectional DC power supplies, and EA-ELR regenerative DC electronic loads. The 10000 series includes over 180 new models offering a greater range of power from 0 – 600 W to 0 – 30 kW. The models provide extended voltages from 0 – 10 V to 0 – 2000 V, a significant increase over prior 9000-series power instruments, and provide output current as high as 1000 A.

All 10000 series instruments operate on the same firmware and have the same touchscreen user interface.

The EA-PSI supplies, EA-PSB supplies, and EA-ELR loads all have a built-in function generator to allow creation of complex signals riding on a DC bias and to simulate the characteristics of various devices such as solar cells, batteries, and fuel cells. Special functions enable maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and EN 50530 for solar panel inverter testing and LV123-, LV124-, and LV148-standard based test sequences for testing of automotive components and systems.

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