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Posted 24 February 2017

Answers from Michael Froemel, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Active Components, CODICO GmbH


How was the Year 2016 for your Company?  

Froemel: It was a record year. CODICO again was able to grow above the market. We achieved 130 Mio € revenue and this was a 16% organic growth over 2015


Are there significant challenges that you expect to face the next year?
Froemel: To stay on top of the industry in growth and coverage in Europe


In the last 18 months, have you been seeing any important evolution in your approach to the market?

Froemel: Yes, we try to address the younger generation of engineers and started more online marketing actions and an online  sample shop for new and trendy products.


Which sector do you consider with the major opportunities (i.e. automotive, IoT, wereables…)?

Froemel: IoT (smart building, wearables) and Automotive


What product line do your consider more interesting and innovative?

Froemel: Beside other technologies, CODICO  is known as technology supplier for all kind of wireless communication products. We are keen to see how Bluetooth-Mesh, which we now are able to offer from our partner Qualcomm will develop in the market.

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