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Posted 1 March 2017

Answers from Rudy Van Parijs, VP Sales & Marketing South Europe, EBV Elektronik


How was the Year 2016 for your Company?

Van Parijs: We had very nice growth figures in Italy during 2016 (double digit), better than budgeted and planned at the beginning of the year. We experience a positive market dynamic,  the order intake remains strong, so we expect the positive condition to remain during 2017.


Are there significant challenges that you expect to face the next year?

Van Parijs: It’s hard to predict what the second half of 2017 will bring, but the first half of 2017 looks good in terms of market condition. With the current strong dollar (compared to the Euro), we see that it’s getting relatively cheaper to produce in Italy (compared to overseas locations), so I expect that our current growth rate will continue during 2017.


In the last 18 months, have you been seeing any important evolution in your approach to the market?

Van Parijs: The most remarkable changes we’ve seen during the last 18 Month was the number of supplier consolidations. We have many semiconductor companies seen merging. This brought a lot of extra products in the EBV portfolio, so we are better placed than ever before to offer total system solutions to our customers. At EBV, it is our focus to give a good technical support and advise to our customers. We have specialists for every vertical market, and we even develop our own EBVchips for solutions that are not yet available in the market.


Which sector do you consider with the major opportunities (i.e. automotive, IoT, wereables…)?

Van Parijs: We have a strong tradition in Italy in building vehicles and systems used in cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles. This will continue for the next years to come, thus automotive will remain a focus area for EBV: we have invested in specialists that are 100% dedicated to this market segment in Italy. Another application segment in Italy with a lot of dynamics is the Internet of Things, where we see several different market drivers like connected cars, industry 4.0, medical applications and fitness trackers (wearables), and so on.

We have great solutions at EBV in this area, where connectivity at very low power consumption is key. Also the LED based lighting segment offers many opportunities. The light output form power LED’s is high, while the price is decreasing rapidly. Furthermore we see new product offering for specialised lighting solutions like UV applications, horticultural applications and so on which opens new doors for us.

We have at EBV the right support structure in place to give guidance and deep technical support to all kind of customers: from start-up companies to very experienced industry leading companies.


What product line do your consider more interesting and innovative?

Van Parijs: As stated above, the lighting solutions become very innovative nowadays. But where I see the highest level of innovation during 2017 is the sensor portfolio. We have a lot of low cost – low power sensor solutions for a broad range of applications: automotive sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, e-compasses, humidity, temperature, pressure, MEMS microphones, touch, proximity, environmental (gasses), optical, bio sensing, and much more.


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