DATA MODUL presents Display-Pol+ for optimal readability even with polarised sunglasses

Posted 18 August 2022

DATA MODUL presents a new technology that allows the optimal readability of display content from any viewing angle even when wearing polarised sunglasses. It is now possible to overcome the optical interference effect between polarised lenses and displays by optimising the display. This opens up numerous new application possibilities in fields of use and ensures greater safety and comfort for the user.

With their special polarising filter, polarised lenses reliably protect against dazzling reflections and mirroring, deliver stronger contrasts and at the same time relieve the eyes. For this reason, nowadays numerous car and motorbike drivers as well as sports and outdoor enthusiasts rely on this type of lens, which is particularly popular in the form of sunglasses. But polarised lenses are also increasingly used in professional and industrial environments, for example by machine operators or professional drivers. However, many users also are familiar with the following problem: when viewing an LC display, such as a smartphone, dashboard display or measuring instrument, they often have to take off their glasses because the digital content displayed is difficult to read or appears completely black, depending on the viewing angle. This is caused by the polarising filter of the lenses, which partially or completely blocks the already polarised light of the LC display. This can be a safety-relevant problem especially when precise decisions have to be made in a matter of seconds based on information displayed on the screen. Poor readability of digital content can also occur in other contexts such as in advertising, guidance and information systems. The solution for this problem is an innovative technology that can be applied to a wide range of TFT diagonals, from wearable displays to large digital signage displays, using the DATA MODUL’s in-house bonding expertise.

The new Display-Pol+ solution can be easily combined with other customisation options and thus expands the diverse design possibilities for customised display solutions. Industrial touchscreens made of different materials, with different material thicknesses, individual printing as well as different surface and mechanical treatments can now be realised; and these innovative touchscreens are not only vibration-resistant, suitable for an extended temperature range and have additional haptic feedback functions, but now also offer flawless readability with polarisation glasses from any viewing angle.

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