CEVA celebrates 15 billionth CEVA-powered chip shipped

Posted 1 September 2022

CEVA  announced that cumulative royalty-bearing chip shipments that include CEVA IP surpassed 15 billion units during the second quarter. This significant milestone has been achieved as CEVA approaches it’s 20-year anniversary of being a public company. While the first 10 billion CEVA-powered shipments spanned more than 15 years, the next 5 billion shipments took less than three and a half years.

Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of CEVA, stated: “Surpassing the 15 billion CEVA-powered chip shipment milestone is a very noteworthy accomplishment for CEVA and its customers. The steep shipment ramp we have experienced over the past 3 years directly coincides with the explosion of IoT devices, where almost every electronic device that ships today is connected. We have been developing and investing in wireless technologies for two decades, and today CEVA is proud to be at the forefront of wireless connectivity in the IoT era. Going forward, as devices become increasingly smarter, integrating more sensors and intelligence, our sensing technologies and edge AI platforms are primed to build on our wireless success. We are excited and invigorated by what’s next for CEVA as the adoption of our technologies continues to grow and we reach new heights.”