BoxPC with V-by-One and eDP interface from Distec

Posted 11 October 2022

Distec  introduces the BoxPC Pro NPA-2009 based on an industrial mainboard with the Intel Core i embedded processor i5-1145G7E of the 11th generation. Optionally, the NPA-2009 is also available with the Core i7-1185G7E or Celeron 6305E processors on a project basis. All Tiger Lake processors feature high frame rates, economical power consumption and low latency and are suitable for continuous 24/7 operation.

In addition, a USB touchscreen and another USB device, such as a WebCam, can be connected via two USB 2.0 interfaces. All common V-by-One or eDP displays can thus be easily upgraded to a Panel PC, even after the fact, with the Box PC NPA-2009.

The BoxPC Pro NPA-2009 operates without a fan and contains no moving parts, making it very robust and low-maintenance. Captive thumbscrews make it easy to mount. A suitable DIN rail kit for control cabinet mounting is also available as an option.

Areas of application for the NPA-2009 are all applications that require high-resolution displays with a high frame rate and high color depth, such as info terminals, medical technology, transportation and many more.

Distec guarantees for the NPA-2009 a long-term availability in form, fit and function of at least 5 years.

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