Apacer and Onyx collaborate on medical devices with CoreSnapshot technology

Posted 7 July 2021

Apacer has teamed up with Onyx Healthcare to integrate Apacer’s CoreSnapshot technology into medical-grade devices. It helps to cut costs associated with manual repairs while helping keep hospitals running according to schedule.

Apacer CoreSnapshot , launched in January 2021, is a firmware based technology that offers an instant whole disk backup and recovery mechanism for SSDs to solve enterprises’ unexpected data loss or OS crush immediately.

Onyx’s medical devices are now protected by Apacer’s CoreSnapshot technology. If an OS crash occurs, the operator can press an embedded hardware button to immediately execute the SSD recovery mechanism. The data and OS will be restored to their backup state in less than one second, and the device will immediately returns to normal operation. Apacer has developed a client version of CoreSnapshot technology which is equipped with an AES-256 SSD hardware encryption algorithm to prevent patient data and medical records from being exposed to the threat of improper external access. In the future, it will be the first to be used in medical nursing carts in screening stations, medical PCs and tablets, as well as mobile medical tablets, assisting with medical imaging diagnosis, patient monitoring, and electronic medical record inquiries.

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