Allegro MicroSystems expands portfolio of BLDC gate drivers

Posted 25 May 2022

Allegro MicroSystems announced it has expanded its portfolio of three-phase sensorless BLDC gate drivers. Its newest offerings, the A89332 and A89332-1, are designed to meet the evolving needs of cooling systems in today’s data centers offering flexible options for designers. Available with innovative integrated power loss brake (A89332) and AC-loss (A89332-1) features, these drivers enable compact, high-airflow fan designs to improve thermal efficiency, reducing energy use and data center costs.

The A89332’s integrated power loss brake function applies a brake to fans that aren’t working properly and stops them from spinning, with braking performance that’s four times better than discrete implementations. This eliminates unnecessary power consumption and increases thermal efficiency, ultimately reducing data center costs. When combined with the A89332-1’s AC loss logic, Allegro is now able to serve the high-end server market with gate drivers offered in a 4 mm x4 mm QFN package that’s 36% smaller than comparable options.

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