2016 trends in the embedded industry

Posted 11 March 2016

A quick outlook about trend and evolution of Italian embedded market

Answers by Niladri Roy, senior strategic marketing manager-industrial business unit, Altera

e-plus: What trends are characterizing the italian market of embedded?

NR: “In Italy, as well as in Europe, we see a great interest in increasingly high integration levels, which see connectivity and sensors to move towards the embedded world. This convergence matches with the boost in applications development that meet the major issues such as greater access to sustainable spending for the public health, the development of smart cities and transportation connected to the network.

Niladri Roy ALTERA

Niladri Roy

The applications range from wearable to home automation, from drones for agriculture to smart utilities in the area of gas and water, from the patients remote monitoring  to most efficient street lighting, just to mention a few.

Another specific feature of the embedded is the energy efficiency, since the increasing use of battery-powered solutions add further challenges for consumption and efficiency.”


Answers by Giorgio Modica, sales director Southern Europe and Kris Ardis, executive director, Micros & Security, Maxim Integrated

e-plus: What products and solutions will support the global growth of embedded in 2016?

Giorgio Modica_Maxim Integrated

Giorgio Modica

GM, KA: “Globally, we are seeing a strong demand for factories and industrial systems that can operate  in a even  smarter way, ie more cost effectively, more energy efficient, safer, more reliable and durable.

Everyone involved in the development of industrial applications and equipment for the next-generation factory automation are using FPGA devices to meet these needs.

Kristopher Ardis_Maxim Integrated_2

Kris Ardis

Among the applications that require such solutions are included safe PLC cloud-based compliant OPC-UA standard (Unified Architecture), deterministic Ethernet as  IEEE 802.1 (TSN – Time Sensitive Network), video analysis and, of course, functional safety up to SIL3 level.

In automotive, the embedded solutions used for the development of driver assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment and power transmission, will surely be one of the most important drivers in the next years for both car and semiconductors manufacturers”.

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