CANTATA: Intelligent Testing

Pubblicato il 14 novembre 2014

As safety-critical embedded systems become more complex, there is a market-wide increase in demand for a higher class of software development tools that enable organisations to develop defect-free, standard-compliant software.

QA SystemsCantata is a certified standard-compliant unit & integration test tool for C/C++ embedded systems. Our product development strategy is driven by reactions to industry trends (e.g. emphasis on tool automation) and bespoke configurations for customers working in particular environments.

As a means of implementing this strategy, we have made significant investments to increase the size and resources of our R&D team developing Cantata. Furthermore, we continue to expand our reseller network so as to further support customers more efficiently on a global scale.

Cantata competes with both open source xUnit and commercial tools, but is highly differentiated in a number of key aspects.

  • Faster Testing through Tool Automation: powerful features allow developers to efficiently test software to meet regulatory standards. Cantata is certification-ready with extensive/detailed guidance in free certification kit.
  • Cheaper Compliant Software Development: automated tools reduce developer time/ effort doing testing by increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Multi core systems are increasingly being utilised to speed up software processing, by performing tasks in parallel. Especially with the introduction of languages that inherently use multi-threading (e.g. C++11) in their optimised object code. This can make testing the code to the required standard a difficult challenge, that will need to be addressed, both now and in the future.

Matt Davis, sales director QA Systems Ltd.

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