Renesas: CMOS image sensor for 4K video cameras

Posted 18 October 2017

Renesas Electronics has announced a new high-sensitivity, high-resolution 8.48 megapixel (MP) CMOS image sensor that supports 4K video cameras.

RAA462113FYL sensor achieves clear, high-visibility full-color imaging even in a moonlit environment and supports a line-by-line HDR (high dynamic range) mode in which long exposure data and short exposure data are output separately for each line. This allows video capture, even for high-contrast scenes.

Renesas also provides a reference board that was developed together with a camera module manufacturer to allow users to evaluate the performance of the Renesas CMOS image sensor.

Samples of the RAA462113FYL are now available and mass production is scheduled to begin in December 2017.

Renesas plans to work with camera module manufacturers to supply camera modules with a variety of features such as autofocus, HDR, wide-area monitoring and vibration reduction (image stabilization) functions. This will allow system manufacturers to reduce the development period and development costs for new products.

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