New AI-powered software for facial classification

Posted 31 August 2017

BrainChip has released its new software product, BrainChip Studio, that accelerates pattern search and facial classification using an artificial intelligence technology called spiking neural network.

The software includes advanced facial detection, extraction, and classification algorithms. The spiking neural network technology enables BrainChip Studio to work on low resolution video and requires only a 24×24 pixel image to detect and classify faces.

This technology, is the result of more than 10 years development and BrainChip Studio aids law enforcement and intelligence organizations to rapidly search vast amounts of video footage for identifying patterns or faces.

In a recent field trial, BrainChip Studio detected, extracted and classified in real-time more than 500,000 facial images during 3 ½ hours of video across eight different cameras. In a separate trial, it processed 36 hours of recorded video in less than two hours, extracting over 150,000 facial images.

BrainChip Studio software runs on Windows or Linux computing platforms, and is compatible with all major encoded video formats. It is currently available for trials to select law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

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