Mornsun: new ultra-thin 6W and 10W DC/DC converters

Posted 4 October 2017

Mornsun continued to enrich and expand existing packages of and developed new ultra-thin 6W and 10W DC/DC converters, to meet customers’ differential DC/DC converters needs for packages in practical applications.

The dimension of 6W converter is 31.6×18.1×6.1mm and 10W is 39.2×20.8×6.1mm. Packages are available in SMD, DIP, open frame and metal case.

The new SMD 6W and 10W DC/DC converters feature R3 DC/DC converters’ advantages providing isolation of 500VAC, efficiency up to 88%, no-load power consumption as low as 0.096W, multiple protections including SCP, OCP, OVP and input UVP. Operating temperature range is from -40℃ to +85℃ and input voltage range is 4:1 and 2:1

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