MORNSUN: new 75-200W ultra-wide input voltage DC/DC converters

Posted 25 September 2017

MORNSUN extended the product line of wide input voltage R3 DC/DC converters and expanded 100W to 75W, 150W and 200W URF48_QB-R3 series.

Power density is high up to 104W/inch3, isolation voltage is 2250VDC and the efficiency is up to 93%, with multiple protections.

The series come in international standard package (1/4 brick). Packages with connector and heat sink are also available to meet different installation requirements.

URF48_QB-R3 series provide wide input voltage rang of 18-75VDC, widely applicable to traditional industries, emerging manufacturing industries and new energy industries. Traditional industries include industrial control, communication, power grid, and railway, etc. Emerging manufacturing industries do intelligent manufacturing and intelligent robots. New energy industries do wind energy controllers and electric vehicles, etc.

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