• semiconductor
    IBM abbandona il mercato dei semiconduttori

    IBM ha annunciato il trasferimento del suo business dei semiconduttori a GlobalFoundries, che acquisirà fabbriche di wafer a East Fishkill, New York, Essex Junction e Vermont. GlobalFoundries fornirà IC...

  • Sw development tools – Answers provided by Andy Fritsch, the foundational tools director for software development organization, Texas Instruments

    EONEWS: What are your opinions regarding the major trends for this market (slowing, growing, booming…)? FRITSCH: The differentiation for most embedded systems is increasingly found in the software. Development teams are therefore concerned about maximizing software development productivity and protecting their software investment. While creating the most advanced and highest performing systems, such as those found in mission-critical or infrastructure applications, will continue to require the most advanced code development and debug tools, there is also a strong and growing demand for ultra-low-cost tools to enable the creative energy of the university, hobbyist and maker communities, as...

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